Dodi Espinosa


My work synthesizes elements of the unconscious into visual poems, aiming to make other perspectives reachable or even tangible trough the creation of objects. For this, I use all kinds of media with a predilection for traditional techniques.

I juxtapose biographical events to anthropological issues, shaping symbols and metaphors into new forms that are related, here archaeology appears as a constant reference, looking at history as a mirror reflecting the present. This allows me to dissect the nature of paradigms, challenging myself to enter a wider perspective of thought and facing what otherwise is seen as frightening or foreign, a practice that deals with the unknown by trying to find valuable insights in it.

Tracing alternative yet unexplored paths becomes a way to enter cultural crossroads, this procedure formalizes illusions into sensuous presentations of ideas, trying to open a dialogue between the personal and shared awareness by using Syncretism as a playground where cultural elements like mythology, philosophy or history intertwine.