Dodi Espinosa


My work dives into the idea of The Absolute, this practice is a personal search for new ontologies, speculations facing the chaos like a mirror, hints of what challenges the cognitive capacities.

I use deep introspection in order to step into "The Point", the crossing spot, it becomes a conversation with the un-conscious, willing to transform the trauma or the paradigm into something else... This is an exploration of the shared awareness as an individual, a trip with a constant will; the freeing of the Unknown, the Monster as a way to live and help living.

Here syncretism becomes both; laboratory and ritual where mythology, fairy tale, philosophy or science intertwine; this process is the work...

The results are -like in archeology- multidisciplinary ways to perceive the here and now.

I look at Art as a vortex, working with emotion and craft as some of the key elements where perception and transmission unify, they are my antenna to the dimension of the being.