Dodi Espinosa

Bio / Contact

Dodi Espinosa (1985, Mexico City) lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

Espinosa grew up in San Martin de las Piramides a small town located next to the archeological site of Teotihuacan. The contrast between the rural landscape and the strong cultural past is still reminiscent in the daily life of a town that would live a fast process of modernization. One of the main economical activities of this town is the Crafts production. Small ateliers adapt traditional techniques to the demands of a globalized society; like ceramics, which he would learn from a very early age, becoming afterwards a spontaneous media and an example of his interest in the Crafts.

After growing in this unique environment, he would migrate to Spain where he would follow his Art studies at Escola Massana and afterwards to Belgium where he will go trough a long process of introspection in order to produce his first Artworks.

Being twice an immigrant would play a fundamental role in his perception of reality, the clash created by witnessing so many versions of one society, together with his cultural and mystical background would define him and his philosophy. Re-visiting the figure of the paradigm as a way to contribute with life is his ultimate personal quest.